Photographs provide us with a space to present ourselves, they are the gap between who we are, and the way we want to be seen.

Around the same time that photography became an accessible pastime, Hollywood also enjoyed a boom as moviegoers sought escape from their daily lives. The films offered ideas of success, happiness, wealth and fame, which audiences, and advertisers, began to emulate. As luxuries like holidays, cars and fashion became widely available to the middle and working classes, it became common to document those achievements for posterity.

Amateur photographs, unlike advertisements, are not highly crafted. They offer us a way to shape and form an identity, but how stable is that identity? The images we make are a performance between the photographer and the subject, as we respond to advertising images and social conventions.

Are the women in these found photographs viewed as the property of the man, pictured along with his car? Or do these images present newly independent women, shown beside their symbols of freedom?

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